Consolidated Advertiser Report


The Consolidated Advertiser Report (CAR) can help you find pertinent information about every advertiser you are partnered with. Advertiser information in the report includes advertiser name, MID, contact information, offer information, and more. The full list of fields is provided below.

You can download the CAR directly in your Publisher Dashboard. It can also be pulled via API.


Follow these steps to download the report:

  1. Go to Advertisers in the navigation header and click My Advertisers.
  2. Click the download icon to the right of the Sort menu.

Report Fields

These are the fields you will see in the report you access via the dashboard; click the + for a description of each field:

Advertiser Name
The name of the advertiser.
The advertiser’s ID.
The country where the advertiser is located.
Active Offer Commission Terms
The commissioning terms of the offer you are participating in.
Active Offer Commission Tiers
The tier commissioning terms of the offer you are participating in, if applicable.
Advertiser URL
A link to the advertiser’s website.
Advertiser Description
The description of the advertiser’s program, written by the advertiser.
Advertiser Network Status
The status of the network the advertiser belongs to.
Contact Name
The name of advertiser's main contact.
Contact Job Title
The role of the advertiser’s main contact.
Contact Country
The advertiser's contact country.
The advertiser's contact address.
The email address of the advertiser’s contact.
A number corresponding to the network the advertiser belongs to:
  • 1 = United States
  • 3 = United Kingdom
  • 5 = Canada
  • 7 = France
  • 8 = Brazil
  • 9 = Germany
  • 11 = Japan
  • 41 = Australia
Your partnership status with the advertiser.
A link to the advertiser’s Terms and Conditions.
Active Offer ID
The number corresponding to the offer you are participating in.
Active Offer Type
The type of offer you are participating in.
Active Offer Expiration
The number of days remaining before the offer expires.
Return Days
The number of days that can elapse between a referred customer's initial visit from your site to the advertiser's site and a return visit to the advertiser's site in which they make a purchase (also known as cookie life).
Transaction Update Window
The number of days after an order takes place that an advertiser can cancel the transactions you sent them.

(You will not be paid for cancelled transactions, whether due to customer order cancellations, product returns, or other reasons.)

Indicates whether the advertiser uses TrueLock.
Feature: CDT
Indicates whether the advertiser supports cross-device tracking.
Feature: ITP
Indicates whether the advertiser is ITP compliant.

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