Finding Coupons


Coupons, deals, and discounts are very popular with many consumers. They can help you gain conversions or sales on the advertiser's website. Even if your site is not focused entirely on coupons and deals, you may find that these fit into your strategy.

Before you offer coupons to your customers, be sure to read the advertiser’s terms and policies to make sure you are using them appropriately and will be eligible for commissions. We also encourage you to read the IAB Code of Ethics for using coupons.

Find Coupons

Use the Coupon Feed API to find your advertiser partners’ coupons.


There are currently two Publisher Dashboards. Searching by Promo link type is not available in the New Publisher Dashboard (Beta) to help you find coupons. We suggest toggling back to the Legacy Publisher Dashboard while we make important updates to the New Publisher Dashboard (Beta).

Here are two ways to find coupons in your Legacy Publisher Dashboard:

  • Get Links
    1. Go to Links then Get Links.
    2. Click Filter and select Coupon from the Promo Type drop-down menu, then click Apply Filter.
  • Coupon Finder
    1. Go to Links then Coupon Finder.
    2. You can filter three categories to find coupons: network, category, and promo type. 
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