Paid Placements Overview

Paid placements are collateral that appears in special areas of your website or mobile application. They can allow you to increase your revenue from existing partners with whom you’ve built strong relationships. An advertiser will pay you a flat fee or increased commission in exchange for promotion via a homepage carousel, seasonal page, blog post, email blast, mobile app, social media mention, or other method.

Generally, paid placements are reserved for publishers who are driving a high amount of traffic to the advertiser, who represent a good source of new customers or who are considered strong consumer influencers in their niche. 

If you offer advertisers this option, you can provide details about paid placements on your channel details page in your Publisher Dashboard:

  1. Go to Account and click on the Channels tab.
  2. Click on the channel to access its detail page.
  3. Scroll down to the “Supporting media and Placement opportunities” section. From there, upload supporting files or use the “Additional information” box to give advertisers basic demographic information for your site, the number of page views you expect, your social media following, the size of your email list, and so on. Provide an email address where they can contact you for more information.

For example:

  • Our target demographic skews slightly female, age 25-34.
  • Our target niche is [XYZ].
  • We have approximately 15,000 unique views per month and growing.
  • We have 1,863 followers on [social media platform].
  • You can find our paid placement opportunities here: {URL to download PDF}.
  • Please contact us for more information at: [youremail]@[email].com.

View an example rate card and a one-page sell sheet example to adapt for your own use.

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