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Links, also known as affiliate links, allow you to promote your advertiser partner’s products and earn a commission according to their offer terms. They are special URLs that contain elements that specify the type and behavior of the links and your unique Affiliate ID, which is a tracking code that indicates which publisher should be paid a commission for a specified event.

Link Types

These are the types of links available:

  • Text and or email links
  • Banner and or image links
  • Product links
  • Deep links
  • Dynamic Rich Media (DRM) links
  • Product Catalog links

Learn more about link types.

Getting Links

There are various ways of getting links in the Publisher Dashboard:

  • From an advertiser partner’s details page:
    1. Go to Advertisers in the navigation header and click My Advertisers.
    2. Click on the advertiser’s name to access their details page.
    3. Navigate to the Links tab to view their available links.
  • Using the search function.
  • Using link tools:
    • The Deep Links tool allows you to create direct links to a specific product on an advertiser partner’s site, providing they allow Deep Linking.
    • The Automate tool allows you to automatically generate links using JavaScript.
  • If approved for the Product Catalog, you can also obtain links from your advertiser’s data feed via FTP.

Using Links

Links are provided in HTML code that you will need to place on your site. View detailed instructions on using the link code.


You must have an active partnership with an advertiser to use their links. Once you have joined an advertiser’s program, we recommend waiting about one hour to post the links on your site.

Customizing Links

You may make certain changes to your link code:

  • Implement a Signature in your links for enhanced tracking and more detailed reports on the commerce activity of your site.
  • Resize the image in a link. Always check the advertiser’s terms and conditions to make sure they approve of image resizing.
  • Shorten a link for publication on social media.


Beyond these options, we strongly recommend that you do not alter your linking code. Doing so may result in losing the ability to track affiliate marketing activity generated from your website.

Viewing Link Performance

Once you have added your advertiser partners’ links to your site, run reports in your Publisher Dashboard for insights on their performance. The Link Type Report provides data by type of link, banner size, and banner creative. When running a report, you can also filter by type of link or add link-specific columns of data to the report.

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