Link Types Overview


We offer a variety of affiliate link types you can use to promote your advertiser partners' products and services so you can earn money from referrals.

Most of these link types are generated by advertisers, though some of your advertiser partners might allow publisher-generated links.

Advertiser-Generated Links

Your advertiser partners may choose to provide one or more of the following available link types:

  • Text and Email: Links appear in the form of text provided to you by the advertiser. Learn more about the difference between text and email links.
  • Banners and Images: Links appear in the form of an image provided to you by the advertiser.
  • Product: Links appear in the form of text or an image. Product Links allow you to recommend a specific product to your visitors by linking directly to it.
  • Dynamic Rich Media (DRM): Links appear as interactive, dynamic texts or images. Advertisers create these links using JavaScript and can update them without needing to send you a new code. 
  • Product Catalog: If you are a large publisher and require access to a complete and dynamic inventory of an advertiser’s products, the Product Catalog data feed allows you to integrate product links on your website without having to create these links manually.


An advertiser may stop offering a specific type of link. Advertisers may make any link or link type available or unavailable at any time. If you want specific links, we encourage you to contact the advertiser directly.

Learn more about getting your advertiser partners’ links and how link code works.

Publisher-Generated Links

If your advertiser partners allow Deep Linking, you can use the Deep Links tool in your Publisher Dashboard or the Deep Links API to create direct links to a specific product on an advertiser’s site.

Choosing Link Types

The link type you choose will depend on your website's audience, including demographics such as gender, age group, and country location, your website design, and your goals. You can use several different types of links on your site. Here are some tips:

  • Text links work well if you have space limitations. They also allow to you seamlessly work links into content on your website.
  • Banner links and images work well to grab attention if you have more space.
  • Deep links and product links take a user more directly to the point of purchase on the advertiser's website rather than just to the home page, so they tend to convert and result in sales more frequently.

Performance Reports

To view performance data by type of link as well as by banner size and specific banner creative, run a Link Type Report in your Publisher Dashboard.

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