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Automate is a JavaScript tool that enables you to have your affiliate links generated automatically. Learn more about installing and using Automate.


Automate can automatically generate a commission link for any advertiser with whom you are partnered. Automate will always attempt to generate a deep link, but if the advertiser has deep linking disabled, your redirect will be to the advertiser's chosen default landing page, as stated in their program details. This ensures you continue to get a commission on sales generated from these clicks.

If you publish a link that Automate is not able to affiliate, that link is not broken. When the link is clicked, Automate will decide if it should be affiliated. If not, Automate will stop and let the normal process on the link take place. The user will still be redirected as expected but no affiliate information will be applied.

Manual Deep Links

Automate does not affect previously created affiliate links, whether from the Rakuten Affiliate Network or another network. If your link is already affiliated, Automate will not affect it and it will still work as an affiliate link as expected.

Auto-Linking Scripts

Automate is compatible with other auto-linking scripts. You can use and install Automate even if you have other network scripts installed. Automate will attempt to affiliate the link, and if it is not able, it will stand down and let the normal process take place. If you have another script installed, that script can be run on the link if Automate fails.


You can use performance reports in your Publisher Dashboard to track links generated by Automate:

  1. Go to Reports then Performance.
  2. Use the Choose Report drop-down to select the report you want to run.
  3. If you have installed the default Automate script with no custom u1 value added to it, click Add and Remove Columns and add the Member ID (U1) field. For links automatically affiliated by Automate, the cell will be populated with “automate,” as shown in this example:
  4. If you are using a script with a custom u1 value, that u1 value will stay intact and will not be replaced with “automate.”

u1 Value

You can create any number of Automate scripts with an u1 value of your choice and install the scripts with the u1 value on your site. Once you do so, any clicks your site generates that Automate is able to affiliate will have that specific u1 value included.

From the Automate tab, scroll down to Add U1 parameter and select the u1 value you want to use.

You can also create a new u1 value by clicking Add/remove u1 parameter.

When running performance reports, add the member ID column to track links with the u1 value you selected.


Automate will work on WordPress when you are able to publish JavaScript code on your site. If you are using a free version of WordPress, you may not be able to use JavaScript or Automate. Check with your site administrator or WordPress documentation for details and any limitations.


Automate’s JavaScript is formatted to work on all web platforms. However, the Blogger platform requires a different setup of the Automate script than others. If you use Blogger, select Yes to set up the script, as detailed in the instructions.

If you do not use Blogger, just select No as the script defaults to all other platforms.

Tag Manager

At this time, Automate cannot be implemented within a Tag Manager. The Automate tag must be added directly to your page content just before the closing body tag </body>.


The easiest way to see if Automate is working is to utilize your browser's developer tools and look at the console messages.

If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, after installing Automate, click a link to an advertiser partner URL. Then, run a performance report at the appropriate time to see the click you made. If you click a link to an advertiser you are partnered with, you will see this click in your reporting.

If Automate is not successful, you should still be redirected but the link will not have affiliate information.


Standard linking rules apply. If you see that your link is not being affiliated, you should make sure that you are partnered with that advertiser.

Automate may take up to 24 hours to reflect relationship changes when adding or removing advertisers from your program. If you experience a scenario where the behavior has not been updated after 24 hours, contact Customer Support.

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