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Automate is a link publishing tool available in your Publisher Dashboard. It is available to all publishers in all networks including Japan.  Automate makes use of JavaScript to automatically generate affiliate links for you.


  • Your website or blog must be able to accept JavaScript. If you are using a free version of WordPress, you may not be able to publish JavaScript on your site. Check with your site administrator or WordPress documentation to understand the details and any limitations for JavaScript.
  • When you install Automate on your site, you can insert regular links to your advertiser partners' web pages. When a visitor clicks on these links, the links are automatically turned into commission-generating links. You no longer need to manually create the links in your Publisher Dashboard.


You must go through the usual process to apply and be approved in the advertiser's program first. The advertiser must also allow deep linking.

Install Automate

Automate is a simple piece of JavaScript.

To install Automate, go to Links, then Link Tools, and click on the Automate tab. You will be prompted to make selections for the following, click the + for more information:

Blogger platform
If you use Blogger as your content management system, select Yes to format the script to work. Otherwise, select No.
Add u1 Parameter
If you are enabled for Signature and wish to add an u1 parameter, select one of the available values or click Add/remove u1 parameter to create a new value. If you do not use Signature or do not wish to add a u1 value, select None.


Automate can only use a single u1 value per script. Each script will have the unique u1 value you selected. If you wish to add a u1 parameter later on, generate a new code with that parameter and copy it over any existing code on your site.

The code will generate once you have made your selections. You can view it by scrolling down and opening the View this code drawer. Once the code is generated, click Copy Code and paste the code into your website HTML:

  1. Decide if you want to apply the theme to the whole of your website or a specific page.
  2. In your website editor, paste the code right before your closing body tag. Nearly all content management systems enable you to do this manually by going into the code, but some allow you to do it through a pre-built section. If you are unfamiliar with how to paste JavaScript code into your HTML page, contact your web developer or content management system directly.
  3. Save in the way your content management system requires.

Links will then attempt to automatically affiliate upon a user's click.


We highly recommend installing Automate to experience the following benefits:

  • Turn existing standard hyperlinks into affiliate links automatically for your advertiser partners. For example: will become an affiliate link with the proper code added. You do not have to go through all your content and add affiliate links to your blog or website.
  • As you are approved into new advertiser programs, any regular links you have already posted to that advertiser will be affiliated.
  • You do not have to learn to use deep linking tools to create an affiliate link. You just need to install the Automate JavaScript one time on your blog or website. Once that is done, you are finished.
  • It works on virtually any content management system that allows the publishing of JavaScript.

Next Steps

For more information, check out Using Automate.

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