How to Shorten Links for Social Media


Be sure to check the advertiser's policies about social media, and also check the terms and policies of each social media platform or email platform to ensure that they allow affiliate marketing links.


To shorten links for publishing on social media or email platforms:

    1. Follow the instructions to find the link code in your Publisher Dashboard.
    2. Choose Copy URL link to grab only the tracking portion of the URL. Choose Copy HTML link to use the whole HTML of the link on sites you manage the HTML for.

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 10.18.26 AM.png

Then copy and paste this tracking link into your favorite link shortener, such as, to use in social media promotions on your customized social media site, website, or blog.

 Success Tip

By using a unique or other shortened link for each social media platform, you will be able to see where your clicks are coming from in your link shortener account reporting.

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