Tracking Links and Landing Page URLs


An affiliate link is a special URL that contains your unique Affiliate ID along with elements that specify the type and behavior of the link. The Affiliate ID is a tracking code that indicates which publisher should be paid a commission for a specified event.

Tracking link codes can be used in most types of affiliate links, including banners, text, and more. Tracking links can be used to send a customer to any specific page or product of your choice.

Using Links

When implementing tracking links, it is best to avoid putting tracking link redirects in landing page URLs. Although landing page URLs can track sales, several problems can arise, including the issue that clicks, impressions, and return purchases might not be tracked. If sales tracking malfunctions on the advertiser’s end, there will be no record of activity with which to estimate lost sales.

Removing the Tracking Pixel

The 1x1 pixel is a small graphic added to text links and image links when the image is not hosted on a Rakuten server. It allows our network to record impressions on the creative.

Though you can remove the 1x1 pixel from your link code, please be aware that doing so affects our ability to track impressions. If you remove the pixel, you will not receive credit for any impressions, and they will not be reflected in any of your performance reports. Click-through and sales information, however, will not be affected.

Learn more about link code.

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