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The Product Search API is provided by the Rakuten Advertising API Developer Portal. Visit the portal for a complete list of the APIs we offer.

 Success Tip

If you currently utilize the legacy version of the Product Search Web Service through direct requests, we recommend transitioning to the Developer Portal to ensure secure access to the latest features and resources.


The Product Search API allows you to search for product data to gather information about products and keywords to make comparisons and future decisions. It contains several parameters to help filter your results so you can find what your are searching for.

To help you locate specific products and offerings, the keyword parameter searches for matches across any of the following categories:

  • Product Name
  • Primary Category
  • Short Product Description
  • Long Product Description
  • Keywords defined by the advertiser

The API returns a maximum of 1,000 search results.


You can test the web service in the portal. Use your Publisher Dashboard login credentials to log in.


You need the API access token to make a successful call. View instructions for retrieving an API access token.

For More Information

Learn about the Product Search API’s methods, resources, parameters, and other details in the Developer Portal. If you have additional questions, contact Customer Support.

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