Deep Links API


The Deep Links API is provided by the Rakuten Advertising API Developer Portal. Visit the portal for a complete list of the APIs we offer.


The Deep Links API allows you to create deep links to your advertiser’s site without logging in to the Publisher Dashboard. It is specifically beneficial as it provides you with the confidence that the deep links you generate are valid and eligible for commission tracking.

You can input your custom u1 value as you would when manually generating a deep link.


You can test the web service in the portal. Use your Publisher Dashboard login credentials to log in.


You need the API access token to make a successful call. View instructions for retrieving an API access token.

Technical Information

The Deep Links API will return an error when one of the following occurs:

  • You are not partnered with the advertiser.
  • The URL link contains at least one term blacklisted by the advertiser.
  • The advertiser ID is incorrect.
  • The advertiser’s account is inactive.
  • The advertiser does not support deep linking.
  • The URL domain is not associated to the advertiser.

 Success Tip

Use the Advertisers API to confirm that the advertiser allows deep links and that you are partnered with them.

For More Information

Learn about the Deep Links API’s methods, resources, parameters, and other details in the Developer Portal. If you have additional questions, contact Customer Support.

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