Advanced Reports API


The Advanced Reports API is provided by the Rakuten Advertising API Developer Portal. Visit the portal for a complete list of the APIs we offer.


Use the Advanced Reports API to retrieve your payment reports. The payment reports available through the Advanced Reports API are:

  • Advertiser Payments History
  • Payment Details
  • Payment History Summary

Each report can be run up to 300 times a day and is limited to one call per minute.


Payment reports show what has been paid. Keep in mind that you must reach the minimum payment threshold to receive payment. To see commissions earned, use the Events API.


You can test the web service in the portal. Use your Publisher Dashboard login credentials to log in.

You need the following two tokens to make a successful call:

  1. The API access token that you can generate from the Developer Portal or via API.
  2. The Security token that you can retrieve from the Publisher Dashboard.

For More Information

Learn about the Advanced Reports API’s methods, resources, parameters, and other details in the Developer Portal. If you have additional questions, contact Customer Support.

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