Advertiser Search API


The Advertiser Search API is provided by the Rakuten Advertising API Developer Portal. Visit the portal for a complete list of the APIs we offer.


The Advertiser Search API allows you to retrieve a list of all advertisers and their MIDs. It can help you find potential new advertisers to apply for a partnership with.

 Success Tip

We recommend you use the Advertisers API instead of the Advertiser Search API. The Advertisers API is more up-to-date and provides more detailed information about advertisers.


You can test the web service in the portal. Use your Publisher Dashboard login credentials to log in.


You need the API access token to make a successful call. View instructions for retrieving an API access token.

For More Information

Learn more about the Advertiser Search API’s methods, resources, parameters, and other details in the Developer Portal. If you have additional questions, contact Customer Support.

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