Web Services Token and Security Token


Web Services Token
Your Web Services token identifies you to our network when you use the following tools and APIs:
If you currently make requests to APIs through direct requests, you need to leverage the Web Services token by providing it as a parameter. If you make API calls from the Developer Portal, it is only required that the Web Services token exists. Its use as a parameter has been deprecated in favor of the OAuth 2.0 access token process. To learn more about this process, review Getting Started with Access Tokens in the Developer Portal.

 Success Tip

We recommend transitioning from direct requests to the Developer Portal to ensure access to the latest features and resources.

Security Token
Your Security token is a required parameter in all Advanced Reports Web Services requests. We strongly recommend that you guard your Security token well.

Accessing Tokens

Both tokens are displayed in the Publisher Dashboard. To view, copy, and update your tokens:

  1. Go to APIs in the footer.
  2. Navigate to the Manage Tokens tab.

Should one of your tokens be compromised, you can generate a new one using the appropriate Update Token button.


Once you have generated a new token, all feed requests using your old token will fail. If you do not use your token for six months, it will be erased and any requests with this token will fail. If this happens, update your token and use this updated token in your feeds.

Contact Customer Support for additional assistance with tokens.

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