Dynamic Commissioning Offers


Dynamic commissioning is a feature that allows advertisers to offer variable commissioning payouts on different data elements. It enables them to provide more flexible offerings, such as a higher commission for a specific product category. This tells you what is important to the advertiser and allows them to control their costs.

How It Works

Dynamic commissioning is based on rules the advertiser establishes when creating an offer. These rules rest on a commissionable transaction data field and a qualifier, which advertisers use to specify more detailed criteria. View the examples below for more information.


Some examples of transaction fields used in dynamic commissioning offers include:

  • Customer Status: This field identifies the status of the customer as defined by the advertiser. This could be, for example, new vs. returning customers.
  • Product Category: This field identifies which advertiser-defined category the item purchased belongs to. Numerical values or text can be used to identify the category.
  • Product Brand: This field identifies the brands purchased items belong to.

Viewing Rates and Rules

You can view an offer’s commission rates and rules, including links to SKU lists, in the Offers tab of an advertiser’s details page.


To view which commissioning lists and rules within your offers are triggering commissions, run reports in the Reporting Interface and add the Offer Rule, Commissioning List Name, and Commissioning List ID columns. We recommend adding these columns to the Individual Item Report and saving it as a custom report for easy access.

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