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Linkless Code Tracking is a feature that tracks affiliate sales without needing a click. For it to work, an advertiser needs to offer an exclusive coupon code to you, the publisher. Exclusive coupons power Linkless Code Tracking. The exclusive code itself acts like an affiliate tracking link, allowing Rakuten to know when you drove a conversion and commission you accordingly.

Linkless Code Tracking is perfect for publishers who work in the mediums of TV, podcasts, or social media platforms and can give out a code for their audience to use.


To take advantage of Linkless Code Tracking with a specific advertiser, you must be partnered with that advertiser

Getting Started

Visit an advertiser’s program page in the dashboard to identify coupons made available to you:

  1. Go to Advertisers then My Advertisers and click on a specific advertiser to view their information.
  2. Click the Features and Services tab and scroll down to Coupon commissioning rules. There you can see:
    • Which coupon codes are exclusive to you, if any.
    • When the commissioning window begins and ends.

Any coupon codes that are exclusive for you and active can be used to generate conversions without clicking through an affiliate link, assuming the advertiser's integration supports Linkless Code Tracking. If you are unsure whether an exclusive code supports Linkless Code Tracking, ask the advertiser to confirm.

Bulk Uploads

We are not able to support bulk coupon uploads at this time. The coupons will not be downloadable. Advertisers will need to share the coupons directly with you.

Linkless and Conversion Click

Currently, we are not making any changes to attribution rules. We will honor a click if it is present and will be used before a coupon to attribute to a transaction. The Linkless Tracking code will work if the user has only used the exclusive code and has not clicked through another publisher’s link within the return day window.

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