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You can use a variety of reports to track and analyze the activity in your affiliate program. These reports can be run from the Reporting Interface in the Publisher Dashboard.


Follow these steps to access the Reporting Interface:

  1. Go to Reports in the navigation header and click Performance.
  2. Click Choose Report to select a standard report or a customized report you have saved. Otherwise, click Build a new report to create your own.
  3. Click the Date Range button to set date parameters. When setting parameters, you can:
    • Run the report for any date range up to three years in the past.
    • Compare any two date ranges within one report.
    • Run the report by the date the consumer made the purchase, called the transaction date, or the date the advertiser sent the data to us, called the process date.
    • Run a report by any time zone. The default is GMT.
    • View year-over-year data for a date range of up to one year.
  4. Click the View Report button to run the report. This shows data for all the basic columns of the report you selected.

Data is displayed in the Summary Panel and in grid form. You can also visualize the information with a graph.

Customize Your Report

The Add or Remove Columns menu gives you access to over 60 columns of metrics and data points. Use the menu to tailor your data to suit your needs.

Filter Data

Click Add Filter to organize data by what is relevant to your business, such as unique publishers or groups, publisher performance over a specific threshold, specific links, and more.

Download Data

To save a .csv file of the report, click the View Report drop-down menu and select Download CSV.

Reporting API

The Reporting API allows you to run reports without logging in to your account. View instructions for getting the API.

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