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When a consumer on a cashback or loyalty site makes a purchase but does not receive their expected reward, they file a cashback claim on the website. Our transaction inquiries system allows you to submit information about sales or orders referred by your site that do not appear as credited in your reports. Advertisers are notified of all inquiries that you submit.

You can submit transaction inquiries directly in your Publisher Dashboard. This article covers the process for submitting between one and 10 transaction inquiries. If you need to submit a higher number, view instructions for bulk uploading transaction inquiries, toggle to the Legacy Publisher Dashboard as Bulk Transaction Upload is temporarily unavailable in the New Publisher Dashboard (Beta).

Submitting a Transaction Inquiry

Follow these steps to submit between one and 10 transaction inquiries:

  1. Go to Account in the navigation header and click Transaction Inquiries.
  2. This takes you to the Transaction Inquiries main page. Click Add New Inquiry.
  3. Within the form, enter the Advertiser ID (MID) and the Order ID.
  4. Click Check Order ID and the system will perform a search. If the Order ID is in the system, you will receive one of the following messages; click the + to view:
    Messages for Order in System
    • Already Credited: We located this order and you were already credited as the winning publisher. You cannot submit a transaction inquiry for the same order.
    • Credited to Another Publisher: We located this order and another publisher has already received credit. You cannot submit a transaction inquiry for the same order.
    • Existing Transaction Inquiry: An inquiry cannot be filed because you already have an unresolved transaction inquiry on this Order ID with the advertiser. Please refer to Inquiry #1234XXX for more information.
    • Denied Transaction Inquiry: An inquiry cannot be filed because you already submitted a transaction inquiry on this Order ID, and it was denied by the advertiser. Please refer to Inquiry # 1234XXX for more information.
  5. If the Order ID is not in our system for that MID, the rest of the form will open so you can create the transaction inquiry. The fields you need to fill out are as follows; click the + for more information:
    Explanation of Form Fields
    • Order date (required): The order date was reported by the consumer.
      • You can only select a date that is 7 days or more in the past. This ensures the advertiser has reported the order.
      • You cannot select a date that is more than 180 days in the past.
    • Order amount (required): The entire order amount is reported by the consumer.
      • The currency next to this field is based on the advertiser you selected for this transaction inquiry. It is up to you to convert the currency if necessary.
    • Member ID: The Member ID that you assigned to this consumer.
    • Comments: Share any additional details that the consumer reported with their order or any content you want to communicate to the advertiser.
      • Some advertisers receive thousands of transaction inquiries monthly. They may not read the comments closely, or at all.
  6. Once you have filled out the form, click Submit. The record is created immediately.

Tracking Your Transaction Inquiries

Using the search and filter capabilities on the main page, you can quickly group your transaction inquiries based on the following characteristics; click the + to view the characteristics belonging to each capability:

Filter by
  • Resolution Status (Unresolved, Approved, Denied)
  • MID
  • Order Date
  • Inquiry Date
  • Resolution Date
  • Requested Order Amount
  • Currency (of the advertiser)
Search by
  • Inquiry #
  • Order ID

Use the download button on the right to export results from the main page for further analysis.

Understanding the Resolution

On the Transaction Inquiry main page, the Status column provides a quick answer to your inquiries. Each transaction inquiry displays a status: Unresolved, Approved, or Denied.

For more information on an approved transaction inquiry, look at these columns:

  • Requested Order Amount: The amount you submitted with the transaction inquiry.
  • Approved Order Amount: This is an order-level calculation. It is based on the total sales amount for all transactions in an order that are Commissionable. Transactions that are Non-Commissionable or Bad are not included in the total. Run a Non-Commissionable Sales Report to view why a transaction did not result in a commission.


There is no commission column, so you will need to find commission data from reporting. Remember, it is possible that there have been cancellations, edits, or additional transactions added to the order.

Denied Transaction Inquiries

To learn more about a denied transaction inquiry, look to the Resolution Reason column. It will provide you with one of the following reasons; click the + for more information:

Possible Resolution Reasons
  • Auto-Resolved
  • Return days exceeded
  • Transaction referred by another affiliate
  • No data due to the age of the transaction
  • Non-Commissionable
  • Non-Commissionable coupon code used
  • Order credited to another channel
  • Order not yet shipped
  • Order was cancelled
  • Cannot locate order ID
  • The merchant to contact the affiliate directly
  • The merchant previously paid
  • See comments

Transaction Inquiry Details Page

There is similar information about Transaction Inquiry outcomes on the Transaction Inquiry Details page. Click an Inquiry # on the Transaction Inquiries main page to see the details.

This page is split into three sections:

  • Resolution Details: The response provided by the advertiser.
  • Initial Order Details: The information you provided when the transaction inquiry was submitted.
  • Comment History: The reason submitted with the transaction inquiry, any comments left by the advertiser when resolving the transaction inquiry, and any comments generated by our system. It is not possible to send additional messages to the advertiser in this section.

Next Steps

If you have further questions about Transaction Inquiries, contact Customer Support.

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