Common Questions About the New Publisher Dashboard (Beta)


Read an overview of the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) for key highlights of what's new.

New Dashboard Status

What does “Beta” mean?
“Beta” releases allow Rakuten Advertising to bring new product value to customers more quickly, while opening a feedback loop with them before development is complete. By bringing you, the user, into the development process, we help ensure the finished product meets your needs, laying a strong foundation for adoption and future innovations.
As you use and explore the new dashboard, please keep in mind that we are in a “Beta” state: development work is not complete, and the product will not be perfect. We have given our valued customers early access so that your user experience and input can shape the future of the product. Please use the Feedback feature in the dashboard to share your feedback directly.
What languages is the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) available in?
The New Publisher Dashboard (beta) is translated from US English into the native languages of our key markets. Languages include Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and UK English.
Is the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) integrated with the Help Center?
Yes, we have a new Help Center with hundreds of articles that are either of general information or specifically related to the new interface and workflow. A Support button also allows you to request live chat with customer support directly from the dashboard.

Migrating to the New Dashboard

What is the purpose of the one-time migration step?
If you have an existing Legacy Publisher Dashboard account, your first log in to the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) will prompt a one-time data migration which ensures historical performance and marketing channel data from the Legacy Dashboard are available to you through applications in the New Dashboard. The migration step takes only seconds and reduces the need for toggling between two dashboards to get the data and complete the tasks you need to do your job.
What if I have more than one SID? Do I need to complete the migration for all SIDs individually?
All SIDs linked to the legacy account from which you initiate the migration to the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) will have data ported over to the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) when you complete the first-time login migration step. You can toggle between SIDs in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) from the drop-down in the top right corner.
Once I have migrated, can I use this dashboard to manage my account, instead of the Legacy Dashboard?
Yes. We believe you will find that the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) makes building and growing partnerships easier with timesaving, intuitive workflows, mobile-responsive design, and machine learning enhancements.
Additionally, user management is only available in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta).

Functionality Comparison

What are the key profile setting changes?
During the Beta, the main update enables you to add your Google Analytics (GA) to your site. Through GA, we can provide real-time site metrics, delivering a view of performance that advertisers can use to see if you are viable to partner with.
What are the key changes to advertiser details pages and what do I have access to?
Along with the updated user interface, we have updated the information architecture to be more intuitive. We have also added three recommendations of other advertisers based on the currently viewed advertiser vertical.
What changes have been made to notifications?
The "Beta" release’s user interface includes a new notification system. Notifications are open to all user roles. We built a robust notification framework to ensure that important updates, such as information about ITP, are not missed. This includes new types of notifications, including popups and banner notifications, complete with call-to-actions for you to learn more.
Are all the regular publisher reports and APIs found in the current dashboard available in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta)?
The New Publisher Dashboard (beta) release embeds the existing Reporting Interface. This includes all associated reports that are part of that single page application. APIs are available from links to the Developer Portal.
What functionalities are currently not supported in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta)?
  • Some link tools and link types.
  • Emails to or from advertisers.
How can I find contact details for advertiser programs?
Currently, you can find contact information in the About tab of an advertiser’s details page.

Using the New Dashboard

For any functionality that differs from the legacy Publisher Dashboard, can I access the Legacy Dashboard? Will I miss out on currently available functions that the Legacy Dashboard has?
You can toggle between the Legacy Dashboard and the New Publisher Dashboard (beta). To return to the Legacy Dashboard, you can either:
  1. Open the previous browser tab for the Legacy Dashboard, or
  2. Click on the Legacy Publisher Dashboard link in the nine-dot application switcher in the New Dashboard, as shown below:

    switch back to legacy.png

If I make a change to account information in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta), will it carry over to the legacy Publisher Dashboard and vice versa?

Yes, information is synced between the two dashboards.

Can I set up multiple profiles and settings per user?
The organization owner and administrators can create additional users and channels in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta).
Can I change users' permissions in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta)?
The organization owner and administrators can update user permissions and change the marketing channels users have access to.
Why do I not have the same user permissions in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) and the Legacy Publisher Dashboard?
The user roles and permissions assigned to those roles in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) differ from those in the Legacy Publisher Dashboard. View a comparison chart of legacy and new user roles.
Why can I not see all the users that are associated with my account in the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) even though these users exist in the Legacy Publisher Dashboard?
Each user associated with a specific SID needs to migrate to the New Publisher Dashboard (beta). For example, if there are four users associated with your account, all four must migrate. They will be visible to you once they do so.

Future State

Will the legacy Publisher Dashboard be going away?
Yes, the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) will eventually replace the Legacy Dashboard experience. The New Publisher Dashboard (beta) is built on a modern technology stack that will power faster innovation and iterative improvements over time.
We have not set a date for sunset and will ensure customer satisfaction and feature parity with the New Publisher Dashboard (beta) before sunset takes place.
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  • I activated the beta panel and I was left without all the programs associated with my account. Is there a solution or do I have to start from scratch with everything?

  • Pablo, I'm sorry to hear you had this issue. If you are still having problems, please click on the Support icon below right for immediate assistance.

  • Pablo, I'm sorry to hear you had this issue. If you are still having problems, please click on the Support icon below right for immediate assistance.


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