Publisher Dashboard (Beta) Overview [Video]


Our commitment to delivering a market-leading publisher experience remains as strong as ever. The Publisher Dashboard (beta) is built with automation at its core, opening new ways to connect, discover, and drive performance.

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Discover Partnership Opportunities

Dive into our pool of leading advertisers and search for advertiser offers. The new search bar enables you to search for advertisers, links, and offers via keywords and by brand name:

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Advertisers also have their own profile page, providing you with access to available offers and links.

Data-Driven Matchmaking

Building the right relationships with advertisers whose offerings your audience is going to love is a pillar of a successful publisher program. Our matchmaking algorithm recommends winning advertiser partnerships that will take your performance to the next level.

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A UI Experience Built for You

A refreshed user interface and enhanced workflow features will help you partner faster and monetize your audience more effectively. The new notifications framework ensures you never miss a key update or offer. Coach marks are designed to guide you and provide recommendations on the next steps:


If you have additional questions, check out the Common Questions about the New Publisher Dashboard (beta). Once you are ready to get started, take a tour of the dashboard.

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  • Hello! The Migrate page is stuck at 65% for me. When I try to click on the Publisher Dashboard link at the bottom of that page, it gives me an error. Anything else I need to try to get it to work?

  • Bruce, I'm sorry to hear you had this issue. If you are still having problems, please click on the Support icon below right for immediate assistance.

  • I've updated this article with a new, short video overview of the new publisher dashboard features and benefits to you!


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