Coupon Code Commissioning Offers

Coupon Commissioning

Advertisers who report coupon code usage in their transaction file can create coupon commissioning rules that apply during transaction processing. A coupon code can be designated as commissionable or non-commissionable based on its start and end date and publisher assignments. Coupon commissioning is not case-sensitive and therefore does not need to match the case of the letters when deciding to apply a rule.


Advertisers can set all start and end times to any point during the day.

Commissioning Scenarios

When creating a new commissioning rule, the advertiser will make decisions around the time frame and the publishers who are intended to receive affiliate commissions on a coupon code.

These are some sample scenarios for commissioning rules:

  • An exclusive code is extended to a specific publisher. No other publisher will be awarded a last-click commission on that code. Commissions on exclusive codes are not routed back to the original publisher.
  • A coupon code can be designated as commissionable for a group of publishers.
  • A coupon code can be set as non-commissionable for every publisher.
  • Time-sensitive coupon codes start and end at a specific time and date.

Identifying Coupon Commissioning Rules

You can view an advertiser's upcoming, active, or expired commissioning rules in the Publisher Dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Go to Advertisers in the navigation header and click My Advertisers.
  2. Click on a specific advertiser’s name to access their details page.
  3. Navigate to the Features and Services tab.
  4. From there, access the Coupons section to view:
    • The advertiser’s coupon policies.
    • Coupon commissioning rules that apply to your publisher account.


If one of your transactions did not result in commissions because of an invalid coupon code, it will display in the Non-Commissionable Sales Report. In such a case, you will see one of the following fields in the Non-Commissionable Reason:

  • Non-Commissionable Coupon Code - Order
  • Non-Commissionable Coupon Code - Item
  • Inactive Coupon Code

To find out which code was non-commissionable, add the following columns to the report:

  • Order Coupon Code(s)
  • Item Coupon Code(s)

You can then save the report for future use.

For More Information

Coupon codes are an essential component of Linkless Code Tracking.

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