Sub-Network Transparency Reports


To allow you to better review and understand the performance of sub-publishers that you recruit for your advertisers, sub-network transparency allows you to provide additional information on who the partners are and how they are performing. Click data and transaction data in reporting are available at a more granular level for participating sub-networks, provided they have activated the advanced tracking method.


Sub-network transparency is only open to managed publishers at this time.

Get Started

To view performance by sub-publishers within participating sub-networks, you select Reporting from the Reports tab in the Publisher Dashboard main header. Next, choose the report you want to run.

Once your report has loaded, within the Add and Remove Columns drop-down, under the Sub-Network header, you will see three new columns:

  • Sub-Publisher ID
  • Sub-Publisher Name
  • Sub-Publisher URL

These fields are provided to Rakuten Advertising by select, participating publishers and will be empty for publishers who are not providing this information.

Select any or all of these fields to add to a report to see more detailed information on your sub-publishers.

Reports with sub-network fields can be used much like other reports, with filtering, saving, scheduling, and reporting API functionality enabled across the board.

Column Addition

With these columns, Rakuten Advertising is enabling Publishers to dig deeper into their performance to better optimize their program and begin to have discussions about ways to better incentivize top-performing sub-publishers.

Start building a report to help you know which sub-publishers might be suitable for optimization:

  • Access the reporting interface
  • Open a Sales and Activity Report
  • Add Sub-Network columns from the Add and Remove Columns drop down and drag them to the left of your report. Make sure to add the advertiser's name.
  • Add a Filter where the Sub-Publisher URL does not equal "". This will show you all the sub-publisher data that you are sharing with the Advertiser.
  • Select your date range, a comparison period, and to Show % change columns and select Apply.
  • Select View Report and, once the report has been generated, select the Sales % Change column to Change Sorting Order. Your report will now show the sub-publishers that have seen the largest percent change increase between the two selected time periods. This gives you a set of sub-publishers you can promote with your advertiser.


Sub-network transparency is an opt-in feature for sub-networks in the Rakuten Advertising Network. Publishers must be technically set up in order to share this data with Rakuten Advertising and advertising partners.

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