Sub-Networks and Sub-Network Transparency Feature

What is a Sub-Network?

An affiliate sub-network is a business model in which a publisher recruits other affiliates to work with them, without those affiliates registering with Rakuten Advertising as an independent publisher. Those Sub-Network Publishers use our Signature tracking to better track their Sub-Publishers.

What is Sub-Network Transparency?

To allow a better view and understanding of the performance of Sub-Publishers that partner with Advertisers through participating Sub-Networks, we’ve created a feature called Sub-Network Transparency. It allows these publishers to provide additional information on who their partners are and how they are performing. The feature allows Advertisers to run reports which provide transparency into which Sub-Network Publisher partners their Advertiser links are being promoted.

How to set Up Sub-Network Transparency

A subnetwork transparency partnership with Rakuten is when a subnetwork agrees to pass Rakuten their publisher data to create a more transparent relationship between the subnetwork and Rakuten advertisers. Your publisher team will be able to help you assess your compatibility with the Sub-Network requirements, both technical and legal, provide you with technical documentation, and get a signed agreement.

 Currently this feature is only open to managed publishers at this time. If you are eligible and interested in learning more, please contact your publisher manager. If you do not have a publisher manager, you are not eligible to use this feature at this time.


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