Minimum Payment Threshold


For you to receive commission payments in your selected payment format, you must earn more than the minimum commission for each network. The minimum needed per network is:

  • Australia Network: 50 AUD
  • Brazil Network: 50 BRL
  • Canada Network: 50 CAD
  • France and Germany Networks: 50 EUR
  • UK Network: 50 GBP
  • US Network: 50 USD

The network minimum threshold of 50 currency units for each network applies to every marketing channel in your account for check, direct deposit, and PayPal payments.

If you do not reach the 50 currency units amount within a given calendar year, you will be paid for any outstanding commission below the 50 currency units amount at the end of Q1 of the next year.


If you participate in multiple networks, you will receive separate payments for commissions earned in each network. This means that you need to reach 50 currency units per network separately. For example, you have two marketing channels, and you work with advertisers in the US Network and the UK Network. These are some possible scenarios:

  1. For the website in your first marketing channel, you earned 55 USD in the US Network in a given payment period, but only 20 GBP in the UK Network. You will only receive a commission payment for the 55 USD for that payment period for that marketing channel.
  2. For your second marketing channel website, you earned 40 USD in the US Network in the given period, but 55 GBP in the UK Network. You will not receive a payment for the US Network for this channel, but you will receive a payment for the 55 GBP you earned in the UK Network.

In this example, if you were to meet the minimum thresholds in both networks on both marketing channels, you would receive four different payments.

Setting a Higher Threshold

Master users and administrators can set a payment threshold of more than 50 currency units in the Publisher Dashboard. If you have more than one marketing channel associated with your account, you can also set a different threshold for each channel.


Do not set a threshold that is much higher than the commissions you typically earn in a month. This will cause delays in receiving payments. For example, if you set your threshold to $100 but made $90 in commissions, you will not receive your commission that month.

Follow these steps to set a higher payment threshold:

  1. Go to Account in the navigation header and click Account Details.
  2. Click the Channels tab.
  3. Access a channel’s details page by either:
    • Clicking its name, or
    • Clicking the three-dot menu and selecting View details.
  4. Scroll down to the Preferences section. Enter your preferred payment threshold amount. Do not include decimals, spaces, commas, or currency symbols in the field.
  5. Click Save.

Next Steps

Use the Payment Reports page in your Publisher Dashboard to review your payments.

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