SKU-Based Offers


A Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is a number created by an advertiser to identify a unique product in their inventory. SKU-based offers involve specific products available for specific commissions. Each product is identified by its corresponding SKU.

Advertisers may create SKU-based offers if they are promoting select products for a specific amount of time or want to promote certain products at a dedicated commission rate. SKU-based offers can be either short- or long-term promotions at the advertiser’s discretion.

SKU-Based Offers in the Dashboard

You can view and join SKU-based offers in your Publisher Dashboard. View instructions for doing so.

To view the specific SKUs that are involved in the offer, access its full details and scroll down to the Commission Rates and Rules section. Click the SKU list link to view or download the list:

sku list links dashboard.png

Next Steps

If you have questions about a specific SKU-based offer, contact the advertiser directly. You can find their contact information in the About tab of their details page.

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