Signature Reconciliation Feed Reports


The Signature Reconciliation Feed provides reports with transaction and payment data to publishers who use our u1 Signature matching functionality. Use the feed to match your Signature transaction data with payment information not available in other reports.

Technical specifications are outlined in the Signature Reconciliation Feeds Implementation Guidelines.

Report Types

We send four reports as part of the Signature Reconciliation Feed:

  1. Daily u1 Transaction Report
  2. Monthly u1 Report
  3. Daily u1Monthly Report
  4. Payment Report

View definitions of these reports.

Access Requirements

You must have an FTP or SFTP over SSH server and be enabled to receive the Signature Reconciliation feed. Contact Customer Support to request enablement. You may be asked to validate the relevance of the feed to your business model.

Implementation Guidelines

Once Customer Support has completed your initial request, you can manage your feed in the Reporting Interface. View steps for setting up your feed delivery in the Signature Reconciliation Feed Reports Implementation Guidelines.

Further Assistance

If you cannot find the information you are looking for in the Signature Reconciliation Feed Reports Implementation Guidelines, contact your Publisher Manager or Customer Support.

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