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The Product Catalog data feed program is designed for publishers who have the technical expertise and the resources to develop and support a very large database of secure product link URLs (HTTPS) and related product information that is updated daily. It is not well-suited to all publishers for this reason.

Sites that are a good fit for Product Catalog are generally large, technically complex sites that add value to the shopping experience by drawing upon a high volume of detailed product information and presenting it to the visitor with additional helpful content, such as price comparisons, reviews, or product searches. These types of sites include:

  • Shopping comparison sites: Sites that share and promote products from various advertisers with helpful information to help online shoppers make their purchase decisions.
  • Price comparison sites: Sites that compare the same or similar products from different advertisers by price and show the best deals to save shoppers time and money.
  • Product search engine sites: Sites that allow the shopper to use a search function to find products they want from various advertisers and brands all in one place.

Product Catalog facilitates the distribution and updating of product links for publishers that require access to a complete and dynamic inventory of an advertiser's products. It allows you to integrate product links on your website without having to create secure URL links manually for each product an advertiser carries.

File Types

Once you are approved for Product Catalog, you have several choices of files that you can download for each advertiser: full files, delta files, category files, and global and additional files. View definitions of these file types.

Multiple Feeds

Advertisers can send multiple feed files. This allows them to:

  • Upload feeds in different languages and currencies to increase both their and your global presence.
  • Separate promotional and marketplace products from main feeds.
  • Create feeds for a subset of products associated with a promotion, season, sale, or holiday-themed offer.
  • Create customized groupings, such as those containing high margin products or inventory intended for liquidation.

Uploading multiple product feeds simplifies advertisers’ feed distribution and improves affiliate success both on their end and on yours. As long as you currently have access to an advertiser’s feed, you will automatically have access to all their additional product feeds. This allows you to select and display specific feeds that cater to your audience, which can lead to higher engagement and conversions.

Usage Requirements

To automate the process of obtaining product information, you must be able to:

  • Download files from an SFTP account.
  • Process XML or pipe-delimited text files that contain the product information.

Getting Started

The approval process is a two-step process. First, you request technical set up with an SFTP account. Then, you apply for approval to each of your individual advertiser partners who offer Product Catalog.

View the Product Catalog Implementation Guidelines for detailed steps on getting started with product catalog. You will not be able to access the product feeds page in your Publisher Dashboard until you have followed the application process.

SFTP Access

After you request enablement, we establish a unique SFTP account on our servers for you and send you the URL, password, and username of your account. You can access your SFTP account using any SFTP client. Consult the Implementation Guidelines for additional instructions on downloading product feeds.

Advertisers Who Offer Product Catalog

You can see which of your advertiser partners offer Product Catalog in your Publisher Dashboard.

If you have Product Catalog access:
  1. Go to Links in the navigation header and click Product Feeds.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your page to view a list of your partnered advertisers who offer Product Catalog and apply for access to their feed.
If you do not have Product Catalog access:
  1. Go to Advertisers in the navigation header and click My Advertisers.
  2. Click on the advertiser you are interested in and navigate to their Features and Services tab. There you will see an indicator showing whether the advertiser offers Product Catalog.

Next Steps

View the Product Catalog Implementation Guidelines for more technical information and contact Customer Support to request access.

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