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Resizing Image Links

You can add the desired image size by adding width and height values in the image portion of the link code. Width and height values should look exactly like the following with spaces and with the desired sizes entered: width=200 height=200.

This should be added to the image portion of the link code inside the second set of carrots (<>) which begins with IMG. Width and height values should go just after the IMG border="0" and before alt=.


Original link with size as laid out by advertiser:

<a href="[EncryptedSID]&offerid=239662.3288&subid=0&type=4"><IMG border="0" alt="Barnes & Noble" src="[EncryptedSID]&bids=239662.3288&subid=0&type=4&gridnum=16"></a>

Adjusted image size (200x200):

<a href="[EncryptedSID]&offerid=239662.3288&subid=0&type=4"><IMG border="0" width=200 height=200 alt="Barnes & Noble" src="[EncryptedSID]&bids=239662.3288&subid=0&type=4&gridnum=16"></a>


Keep the new image size close to the original proportions. If you drastically change the proportions, the image will be noticeably distorted. Certain advertisers may not approve of altering images in any way. Publishers should check the terms and conditions of the relevant advertiser before making any changes to images.


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