Link Parameter afsrc=1


The afsrc=1 is an industry-recognized parameter that was created by the major affiliate networks to prevent software publishers from overwriting other publishers' links.

If you use your Rakuten Advertising tracking link as it is, you do not need to use the afsrc=1 parameter. But if you shorten or cloak your link, adding the afsrc=1 parameter to your shortened URL indicates to software publishers that it is a tracking link and their software will not overwrite your link.


A Rakuten Advertising tracking link normally looks like this:

If you cloak the link to make it shorter, it will look like this:

Another publisher’s software may not recognize this as a tracking link and overwrite the click. To prevent this, add the afsrc=1 parameter to the end of the cloaked link, as indicated in bold in this example:

Website Configuration

Make sure your website can handle the parameter before adding it to your link code.

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