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Broken Advertiser Link


A link not working or breaking will typically occur when your relationship with an advertiser has changed, or if there is a technical issue on the advertiser’s end.

Filter to see Removal Status

To check if the status of one of your advertisers has changed, go to Advertisers, then My Advertisers. You will be able to see the status of each of your advertiser partnerships listed on the right side.

Use the partnership status filter to find the programs you are looking for. The status may be:

  • Approved
  • Pending
  • Self Removed
  • Declined (permanent)
  • Declined (temporary)
  • Removed (permanent)
  • Removed (temporary)

You can select any combination of these to get results.

If it is not a relationship status issue, contact Customer Support and they will review the issue and notify the advertiser.

Being Removed from a Program

Advertisers have the option to remove publishers from participating in their programs. If an advertiser temporarily removes your account from their program, you can reapply in 15 days. If the advertiser permanently removes your account, you cannot reapply.

In both instances, you will receive an email notification of your change in program status.

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