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Increase Traffic and Conversions with Unique "Explainer" Video Content

In this visual-centric world, your website visitors are increasingly impatient and demanding. One way to provide information that's quick and easy to understand and digest is with explainer videos. Video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools in your toolbox.

How can you add unique value to your visitors and increase your conversions with an explainer video? Make sure it has these five characteristics:

  1. One-of a kind: appears nowhere else
  2. Relevant: on-topic to the visitor's needs
  3. Helpful: resolves the visitor's problem or need
  4. Uniquely valuable: different perspective or presentation that is unavailable or hard to get elsewhere
  5. Great user experience: easy to consume on any device, including mobile

Here are some fun factors to know about videos:

  • Video consumption has risen by several fold over the last few years
  • Most of all web video consumption is by people 18-34 years old
  • Facebook is giving videos more news feed visibility than other media types
  • Many C-Suite executives would prefer to watch video over reading text
  • People retain more information with video compared to other forms of learning
  • Short videos between 1-3 minutes work well
  • Video production doesn't have to be expensive to be effective
  • More than half of e-commerce buyers report feeling more confident in a purchase decision after watching a product video
  • Well-made videos can increase order value substantially
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