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Program Growth Tips

Starting an affiliate program is a task that takes time and patience, as well as hard work. One of the keys to improving and growing your program is unique content. You need to offer unique and relevant content that keeps consumers engaged and adds value to their journey.

Another way to ensure consumers remain engaged is to have a simple and effective site navigation. This refers to not only the journey around your site, but also the steps a consumer takes to get from your site to the advertiser’s site. One way to do this is with deep links, which should be used wherever possible.

Keep in touch with your customers. A lot of publishers have newsletters the customer can opt in to and receive updates and information from that publisher. This type of communication should meet a need for your customers, giving them some kind of benefit from subscribing.

Everything from homepage content to user benefits could be altered to give a real sense of “personal approach” that ultimately will look to increase conversion and boost user retention.

As you make improvements to your program, be sure to utilize reporting methods that work best for you and allow you to determine what the needs of your business are. If you are running different campaigns or publishing different types of content, it’s a great idea to review how your users interact with that to further enhance and tailor for effect. Different platforms such as Google Analytics or Adobe can be used but ultimately it is about finding what fits best with your technical and budgetary resources.

Review and assess your site with the following questions:

  1. From what sources do you get your content?
  2. On a scale of 1 - 10, how unique would you say your content is?
  3. Try moving from your homepage to an advertiser’s site--how many pages and clicks does that take?
  4. What is the benefit for a user looking to use your site?
  5. Do you offer users the chance to sign up for emails or newsletters?
  6. If yes to number 5, what benefits do you offer to those who sign up?
  7. What steps have you taken to “keep it personal”?
  8. How are you currently keeping an eye on performance? What reporting methods have worked for you?
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