Four Ways Bloggers and Influencers Use Affiliate Marketing Successfully

Industry experts know that the most successful bloggers and influencers contribute millions of dollars in new consumer revenue by creating unique content combined with their ability to choose the right partners and host affiliate links for brands they love.

How did they use affiliate marketing to become some of the top influencers?

1. The Right Network

In addition to your favorite brands, you will want to have access to the right technology and tools to build partnerships and performance. You'll want reliability, ease of use, and payment tracking. Most bloggers and influencers also require training, support and strategic guidance when they begin using affiliate marketing so it is important to partner with a network that provides an easy-to-use interface with publisher-friendly tools and educational programs.

2. The Right Partners

Successful bloggers and Influencers understand the importance of creating partnerships with brands that not only appeal to their audience, but also have the potential to develop into long-term, productive relationships.

3. Diversify

Bloggers and influencers that utilize multiple social channels and tools to share their content are the most successful because they have found the right media mix to deliver content and do not rely too heavily on one content channel to drive sales.

4. Utilize Data

Affiliate networks provide bloggers and influencers with the reporting and data necessary to optimize their site to increase conversions and develop content based on what their readers want.

Affiliate marketing provides the perfect introduction for advertisers to get their products in front of bloggers and Influencers. As the industry continues to evolve, we will only see these partnerships grow stronger.


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