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How Can Bloggers Monetize with Affiliate Marketing?

The easiest way to build successful brand relationships and monetize your blog is to sign up to an affiliate network. Here are three quick steps to reaching success through affiliate marketing:

  1. Partner with relevant brands

It is crucial that the affiliate ads posted on your blog are relevant to your content and taste. If you predominantly blog about fashion for example, stick to partnering with fashion brands, as opposed to toy and gaming retailers.

Think about what other types of products your audience might be interested in. For example, if they are interested in luxury fashion, maybe they’ll want to read about luxury housewares and gifting too. When requesting to partner with a brand, ask yourself the question, “Does my site reflect the brand’s image?”

  1. Create content that sells

Write your blog posts with affiliate marketing in mind, while maintaining a balance between monetization and user experience. Bloggers should include tagged affiliate links to complement your reviews. Bloggers who place product links all over their site with no justification will quickly lose followers. Learn more about how to shorten links for use in social media. 

  1. Focus on quality content and commitment

Although some bloggers generate millions of hits, reach isn’t the only way bloggers can demonstrate their value to retailers – quality content is key. Blogs are designed to reflect unique personas, so it’s important that bloggers do not compromise their original style when working with a retailer. Finding the perfect balance here is key.

Working with a trusted affiliate network can help both parties to unravel the hundreds of matches they could make online and find the right ones to drive revenue.

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