Create the Perfect Q4 Holiday Media Kit and Promotional Calendar

When prepping for Q4, be sure to send your media kits and promotional calendars to your advertiser base early to ensure you're making the most of placement opportunities available on your site. Also, be sure to include the following to help advertisers better understand and meet your requirements.

Media kits and promotional calendars are great tools to have in your affiliate marketing arsenal. Not only are they essential when setting up site promotions with top advertiser partners, they're also great planning tools that will help you stay organized during the ever-busy Q4 shopping season.

  • Email distribution list size
  • Creative specs per placement
  • Due date for booking a placement
  • Due dates for submitting creative for a given placement
  • Calendar of email deployments and site placement opportunities. Include themes as well (i.e. Black Friday, Gifts for Kids, Last Minute Gifts, etc.)
  • Screenshots - remember, advertisers will want to know what their placement look like and where they'll be located on site.
  • With these details, you'll be able to impress brands and optimize your placement potential this holiday shopping season.
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