Holiday Planning Tips

Here are a few quick tips to help you maximize commissions during holiday seasons.

Be Flexible

In the time leading up to the holiday season, advertiser budgets are usually tight. Do not let your site's placement prices hold you back. Let advertisers know you are willing to work with their budgets and consider accepting barters to make up for lost income – think about gift cards, products and other perks.

Share Your Success Stories

Advertisers love knowing how their placements are expected to perform before they spend a cent. Meet their expectations. Consider sharing details on vertical success (especially if theirs tends to do well on your  site) and sales lift estimates. If you have experienced success on social media or mobile platforms and offer placements there, be sure to share these success stories as well.

And remember, if a specific type of offer performs  well on your site  (% off, $ off, etc.), be sure to mention this so that they can tailor their offers and creative accordingly.  

Push Imaginative Promotions and Holidays

Do you push imaginative and unusual promotions during the holiday season? Green Monday? Gift Card Tuesday? Make sure your advertiser partners are aware and coordinate site placements, promotions and exclusives around these lesser known holidays. If an advertiser is not already planning promotions around these niche days, now is a great time to prove to them that a few out of the box promotions might be worth their while – especially if you have ROI data on placements, or convincing success stories to share.

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