Tips for Improving Advertiser Relationships


There are always opportunities to better engage with and support your advertisers. Here are some tips to help make your program stand out.

Schedule calls with advertiser contacts

Pick up the phone for a chat with advertisers. Use this call to talk about upcoming opportunities on your site if you are already partnered, or to introduce yourself if you are seeking partnership. Calls are a great time saver and are much more memorable than emails.

Ask about marketing calendars and plans

Most advertisers have marketing plans that include program goals, strategies, offers, and promotions for the entire year. It is a guide for their affiliate marketing program, including their yearly budget. Ask about your advertiser’s plans. Knowing their plan and budget can you give an advantage over the competition.

Reach out to other advertisers

Our network is filled with big brands, as well as hundreds of mid to low-tier advertisers who want to work with both established and up-and-coming partners. Keep these brands in mind around the retail holidays and reach out directly with opportunities you can offer. Many advertisers have thousands of publishers in their network and only maintain personal relationships with key publishers. By being proactive, you can be a key publisher.

Be flexible with paid placements

As you negotiate paid placements (also known as tenancies ) with mid-to-low-tier advertisers, remember that many have limited budgets and cannot afford to pay large amounts for placements. You can negotiate alternative agreements with advertisers including placements for a commission increase. Be creative and flexible and advertisers will be more willing to work with you.

Update your contact details

Many advertisers have trouble reaching publishers whose details are not up to date. Do a quick check to ensure your site details and contact information are current in the publisher dashboard.

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