Q1 Preparation Tips: Getting Ready for a New Year

Start the new year strong with our tips for optimum Q1 preparation.

Media Kit

This provides your advertiser partners with information on what you're bringing to the table.

It should include your SID, a sell sheet, rate cards with descriptions and pricing for all your special paid placement (also known as tenancy) options, seasonal opportunities, newsletter information (when sent, number of recipients, segmenting available), and case studies.

In updating your media kit be sure to secure new case studies. What worked very well last year? Get it in writing and get it out to your new and existing partners. Get an endorsement from the advertiser if possible, but you do not need to share specific names of partners, unless you have their permission, but you can give descriptive information that is representative.

Publisher Profile

Ensure your profile is updated in the publisher dashboard. This allows prospective advertiser partners to find you easily.


Stay up to date on your competitors and how they are running their affiliate business. Do they have email newsletters, a mobile app, social media presence, click-to-reveal capabilities for coupons? What adjustments do you need to make to keep up with the competition? Make plan for that.

Outline your technical road map for the year. While larger publishers tend to have a technical road map, bloggers and small content sites may find there are updates and enhancements that can be made. What manual processes could be automated to free up time to work on building partnerships?

Review Previous Year

Do a portfolio review by advertiser partner and by vertical to discover if you should focus more in a particular vertical next year or branch out to new areas.

Review your mobile tracking reports to identify the traffic you see on various mobile devices. Are you set up to convert in that space? Are all your partners set up to track those orders? Do an audit on this information so you do not put time and resources into promoting advertisers who do not participate in mobile tracking.

Connect with Your Advertiser Partners

Communicate with your top performing advertisers. Let them know that you want to keep the momentum going and make recommendations for how to maintain the growth you've achieved recently.

This can include:

  • Negotiating year-long media buys; look ahead to Q4 and secure paid placements now
  • Give your advertiser partners preferred pricing for advance purchase

Include the contact information and pertinent program details for all advertisers the Consolidated Advertiser Report. Make sure these advertiser partners are on your email update list for new placement opportunities and other site news.

Take stock of your partnerships That means reviewing more than just the revenue from each partner. You should also review your personal relationship with your partners. Rate each partner with a green light = close working relationship, yellow light = could spend more time with, or red light = need to reach out to them.

Schedule regular (monthly or quarterly) calls with top advertiser partners to facilitate alignment with both parties' goals.


Nothing beats a personal connection. Take note of any upcoming industry events and plan to attend. These are opportunities to network with advertisers to promote and grow your affiliate program.

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