Auditing for Program Success, Part 2: The Link Audit

During quieter seasons, we recommend you take some time to ensure you are getting the most from our great selection of advertisers. Read on for a simple audit that can improve your program's performance.

In this second article in a series, learn how to check which of your current partners have content on your site, and which do not. 

Audit by Advertiser

If an advertiser is approved and has affiliate links on your site (i.e., a banner, text link, product link, etc.), there should be a tracking pixel associated with this creative. Assuming your top advertisers have picked up at least one click in the time their content has lived on your site, you can follow the steps below to determine which of your partnered advertisers are already on your site:

  1. In your publisher dashboard, go to Advertisers > My Advertisers. This will give you the full list of advertisers that you currently work with.
  2. Then, you will need to head to Reports > Performance > Choose Report and run a Sales and Activity report. This will highlight which advertisers have been at least click active. 
  3. Once run, download CSV.
  4. You now have a full list of advertisers you work with, including those that are order and click active.

From here, feel free to reach out to any inactive advertisers about current and upcoming advertising opportunities available on your site.

Audit by Link Type

The Link Type report provides performance information by type of link (e.g., banner, text, or product link) as well as by banner size and specific banner creative. It shows you the links that are working most effectively. This report is based on transaction date, which is the date on which a transaction actually occurs.

Use this report to track which link types—Text, Banner, Product, and so on—are generating the most impressions, clicks, orders, sales, and commissions for you. 

Audit for Expired Links

Review the links on your site to make sure you don't have text links for consumer offers that have expired. Please note that advertisers can now set all link, banner, and offer start and end times to any point during the day. Previously, all links/banners/offers had automatic start/end times of 0:00 GMT.

This article is part of a series of articles on Auditing for Program Success. Read Part 1: The Approval Audit for more information on helpful audits to improve the quality of your program.

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