Four Tips to Promote Your Program

1. Run a Basic Marketing Analysis

Pull two quick reports, one for this quarter last year and one for this quarter year before last and compare them. While you are scanning the two reports side by side, ask yourself: Is there a pattern? Are there certain advertisers who seem to generate more revenue during certain months or weeks (thus, bringing in larger commission)? Based on your findings, create a wish list of advertisers that you want to optimize with, and do some research. Are there any recently launched advertisers that seem promising?  Reach out and establish new partnerships with them.

2. Develop a Marketing Calendar

Creating a marketing calendar is pretty easy. Simply key in on important retail holidays and events taking place and cater placements and other opportunities around them. 

3. Create or Update Your Media Kit

You do not need to prepare pages and pages listing your site's promotions, but you should at least offer up some key information that will help advertisers decide on whether or not they would like to purchase placements and get their offers on your site. Provide statistics on your site, and give category success stories.

Also, be sure to provide key dates and site promotions. Let advertisers know you will be promoting key holidays that can help push their products to shoppers. For example, pairing a candy advertiser with a Valentine’s Day promotion leads to more conversions.

Lastly, be flexible. Set your pricing, but do not dismiss an advertiser if they can not meet your number. If you can work with CPA, hybrid, exclusives or vanity codes in exchange for exposure this can go a long way for both you and the advertiser. Download our sell sheet and rate card templates to get you started.

4. Get Connected to Advertisers

Here are two simple ways to get in touch with brands.

  1. Send advertisers an email. Advertiser email addresses are available in your publisher dashboard on their advertiser details page. Be sure to reach out to potential partners using their preferred contact details.
  2. Want more in-person interaction? Attend any of our global events. It’s a great way to network and meet existing and new advertising partners.
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