One-Pager (Sell Sheet) Best Practices


Marketing research indicates an interesting difference between how publishers tend to promote their sites to advertisers and how advertisers view sites as potential partners. Advertisers most want to know about your expertise in their vertical (a specialized market based on customers' interest in a particular industry, trade or profession) or niche market. Demonstrate your market expertise with case studies whenever possible.


One of the most valuable assets in your affiliate arsenal is your promotional one-pager or sell sheet. It is a PDF (preferred) or other short, visually appealing document that can be useful in grabbing the attention of sought-after advertiser partners.

Consider your one-pager your digital brochure of sorts and use it to highlight the best aspects of your site, business model, or any other unique feature that sets you apart from the crowd. Remember, advertisers often review these documents as the first step when making partnership decisions.

Best Practices:

Whether you're a new publisher looking to reach larger network advertisers or you're a longtime publisher looking to give your existing collateral a face lift, be sure to include these valuable details in your one-pager document:

  1. You Rakuten Advertising SiteID and contact information, including:
    1. Your name
    2. Title
    3. Company logo
    4. Mailing address
    5. Email
    6. Phone
    7. URL
  2. A small screenshot that shows how brands will appear on your site/service, as a potential customer would see it. Advertisers want to see where their logo or product links might be placed.
  3. Estimate of your site's reach.
    1. Examples include: the amount of impressions per month, click to sale ratio and average order size.
  4. The demographic your service attracts, including country, income, and gender, as well as any trends that you see in popular categories like electronics, apparel, shoes, etc.
  5. Any requirements you have from advertisers, such as Product Catalog data feeds, discounts, payout minimum, banner sizes, etc.
  6. Any requirements you have from advertisers, such as Product Catalog data feeds, discounts, payout minimum, banner sizes, etc.
  7. Recent press about your service.
    1. Include links to online write-ups or reviews as a bonus.

Be sure to review (and update) your one-pager each quarter or as important features change with your site or service.

Template Example

Below is a template example:



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