Incompatible Fields Errors


The Reporting Interface includes hundreds of column fields that you can use to refine your results. However, some of these fields may not work with others, and you may receive an incompatible fields error when adding a new column field to a report. As a workaround, you can identify fields that are incompatible with each other when building reports.


Follow these steps to identify incompatible fields:

  1. Run a report and start customizing it, adding only the one column that is most important to you.
  2. One by one, search for the field names that are already in the existing report you were trying to modify.
  3. Make note of any fields that are grayed out. These are the incompatible fields.

You now know which fields are incompatible with the field you added to the report. Choose which fields are of greater value to you in the report and leave the incompatible ones out. Add these fields to a separate report so you can capture both data sets.

Learn more about using column fields in the Reporting Interface.

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