Mobile In-App Reporting


We provide a mobile software developer kit (SDK) platform to enable advertisers for in-application tracking of both app downloads, installs, and in-app purchases. Reporting is available in real-time from all advertisers.


The Converting Site Name column field indicates the advertiser site where the conversion took place. It can be used to identify both events that took place on a mobile app and the app platform, such as iOS or Android. The availability of the information displayed depends on the advertiser’s mobile app integration.
You can add the column to your reports by following these steps:

  1. Run a report in the Reporting Interface.
  2. Click Add and Remove Columns and select Converting Site Name:


  3. Click Apply, then click View Report to load the report.
  4. To filter out blanks, click Add Filter.
  5. Select Converting Site Name from the filters list, does not equal from the qualifiers list, and enter “” as the value:


  6. Click Apply Filter, then click View Report to reload the report.

Key Data

Depending on the advertiser’s integration, the SKU and Product Name column fields will display other types of events generated in the app. These can be events, such as when purchase is displayed, or these can be the actual items details of the purchase.

Mobile app installs can be identified through the SKU and Product Name column fields. The value will include the string install.

 Success Tip

To view item-level insights on the specific mobile in-app events, follow the above steps when running an Individual Item Report.

Further Information

View best practices for mobile commerce and download lists of advertisers enabled for mobile tracking and advertisers who offer mobile app downloads and in-app purchases.

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