Individual Item Report


The Individual Item Report is one of the standard reports you can run in the Reporting Interface. View the instructions for accessing the report.

Report Summary

The Individual Item Report allows you to view your sales activity broken down by time and date of each sale so you can see exactly when and what sales occurred for your participating programs.

 Success Tip

Use this report to identify the highest converting products you are converting. You can search by Product Name and see how many sales a specific item has generated. This can help you adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

This is what a sample Individual Item Report looks like:

Click on the image for a larger version.


You can customize the report in many ways by adding or removing columns for various data fields.

 Success Tip

One of the fields you can add is Offer Rule, which provides the reason a transaction was deemed commissionable.

Learn more about the capabilities available in the Reporting Interface.

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