Reviewing Your Commission Payment Summary


We consolidate your commission payments so that they include all advertiser payments received and cleared as of the day the payment file is authorized.

A payment summary that breaks down each consolidated payment made to you is available in the Publisher Dashboard. Use the summary to view which advertiser invoices were included in each payment.

Accessing the Payment Summary

Follow these steps to view a payment summary:

  1. Go to Account in the navigation header and click Payments. This takes you to the Payment Reports page.
  2. Scroll down to the Payments Made section. For a detailed breakdown of a specific payment, click the three-dot menu and select View Payment Details, or click the Payment ID number. This opens the Payment Summary drawer.


For access to the Payment Reports section of the dashboard, you must be the Master User or Admin.

Payment Summary Details

Once you open a payment summary drawer, you will find:

  • A one-sentence summary of the payment indicating which payment method was used and how many advertiser invoices are included in the payment.
  • A Download button so you can obtain a .csv file of the payment details.
  • General information about the payment. This includes the following details; click the + for more information:
    Payment ID
    The unique identifier for the payment from Rakuten Advertising.
    Issue Date
    The date the payment was issued by Rakuten Advertising.
    Reference ID
    A unique identifier assigned to check or PayPal payments.
    Network Currency
    The original currency of the payment, corresponding to the network that the invoiced advertisers belong to.
    Commission Total
    The amount paid by advertisers for your commission. If this amount is not what you expected, view reasons why.
    Estimated Value
    The commission total converted into the currency of the country where your bank is located. NA means the destination currency was not available.
  • A searchable and sortable list of the invoices that make up the payment, including the invoice ID, the name of the advertiser who paid the invoice, and the transaction value in the network currency. For more information on a specific invoice, click its invoice ID.

Next Steps

You can also access the Invoice Summary mentioned above from the Advertiser Invoices tab of the Payment Reports. Access this tab to view the invoices we have sent advertisers on your behalf.

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