Advertiser Program On Hold: Reasons and Impacts


An advertiser’s program in our network may be placed on hold, meaning it is stopped and no longer active. Below are reasons why a program can be placed on hold; click the + for more information:

Technical Issues

The advertiser:

  • is experiencing technical issues that prevents their program from operating as expected or as required.
  • is unable to send transaction data to Rakuten Advertising in a high-quality or timely fashion.
Business Issues

The advertiser:

  • has delinquent invoices.
  • is changing their business model or marketing strategies.
  • is merging with or being acquired by another company.
  • is migrating their program to a different network.


A program hold has the following impacts:

  • The advertiser’s links stop redirecting.
  • Click and sales tracking ceases.
  • The advertiser is not obligated to pay out on orders referred after their program has been stopped.
  • Any links that were clicked before the program was stopped may still track if the cookies on customers’ computers have not expired. However, there is no potential for you to earn commissions on clicks or sales that take place after the program was stopped.

Recommended Actions

When an advertiser’s program is put on hold or stopped, it is unlikely that it will be reactivated. You should take down all links for advertiser programs on hold. If you have any questions about the advertiser’s program, contact them directly. You can find their contact information in the About tab of their details page.

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