Locating a Sale or Order Missing from Reports


If you cannot find a sale or order in your reports, we recommend taking the actions outlined in this article.

Wait Before Checking Your Reports

Transaction information is tracked immediately by our network technology, but we must receive confirmation for a transaction from the advertiser before it is posted. Many advertisers will not provide a transaction confirmation until the credit card number is authorized or until the product ships. Reports are updated throughout the day according to transaction data sent from advertisers.

Check for Non-Commissionable Sales

Run a Non-Commissionable Sales report in the Reporting Interface to identify sales for which commissions are not applicable. A sale may be considered non-commissionable for the following reasons:

  • Certain advertiser programs only offer commissions on selected products or actions within the site. For example, many programs that offer gift certificates will not offer commissions on gift certificate sales due to a double discount that may occur. View the SKU list of commissionable products for these types of programs.
  • The sale may have occurred outside of the applicable return day period. Return days are the number of days that can elapse between a referred customer's initial visit from your site to the advertiser's site and a return visit to the advertiser's site in which they make a purchase (also known as "cookie life"). Advertisers can set a return day window of between zero and 999 days. If return days are set to zero, the advertiser only compensates at the point of click-through. Any subsequent sale that occurs from a visit directly to the website will not be commissionable.

For more information on an advertiser's program, view their details page.

Contact the Advertiser

If you still cannot locate the order in our system and over seven days have passed, contact the advertiser directly. You can find their contact information in the About tab of their details page.

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