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The Link Type Report is one of the standard reports you can run in the Reporting Interface. View the instructions for accessing the report.

Report Summary

The Link Type Report provides performance information by type of link, such as banner, text, or product link, as well as by banner size and specific banner creative.

 Success Tip

Use this report to see which link types are generating the most impressions, clicks, orders, sales, and commissions for you. This should help you adjust your marketing strategy to get the best results.

This is what a sample Link Type Report looks like:

Click on the image for a larger version.


You can customize the report in many ways by adding or removing columns for various data fields.

You can also use filters to generate a report for a specific link type by following these steps:

  1. Click + Add Filter.
  2. Select Link Type from the filters menu on the left, equals from the qualifiers menu, and the type of link you want to filter for from the value menu:

    Click on the image for a larger version.

  3. Click Apply Filter, then click View Report to reload the report.

Key Data

One of the columns in the standard report is Link Type. In the report, link types are identified by name. In your link code, types are identified by number. The link types you may see in your reports and their corresponding code numbers are:

Link type name Link type number
Product links 2
Text 3
Banner/image 4
Deep links 10

Manual/Unassigned Links

The Link Type column might also populate with Manual/Unassigned. This can happen for one of the following reasons:

  • You received a manual credit on a transaction from the advertiser. Since no link type is associated with a manual credit, the data is placed into the Manual/Unassigned category.
  • You altered the link's original code in such a way that prohibits our system from identifying which specific link type was used. For example, you deleted the link type parameter, &type=4.
  • A link expired or was deleted by the advertiser, and they have no default creative to replace it.

Learn more about the capabilities available in the Reporting Interface.

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