Media Optimization Report


The Media Optimization Report is one of the standard reports you can run in the Reporting Interface. View the instructions for accessing the report.


The following two conditions must be met for you to access this report:

  1. The advertiser must be enabled for media optimization reporting. Check an advertiser’s enablement by navigating to the Features and Services tab of their details page in the Publisher Dashboard.
  2. Enabled advertisers must approve you for access to the report. Contact the advertiser directly to request access to the report. You can find their contact information in the About tab of their details page.

Learn more about advertisers' tracking methods.

Report Summary

The Media Optimization Report offers a near real-time snapshot of the leads you refer to advertisers. It shows all transactions, including non-commissionable transactions, transactions that the advertiser may attribute to another channel, and transactions that may be subsequently cancelled.

 Success Tip

The Media Optimization Report allows you to adjust your marketing strategies and make other decisions in near real-time. It is updated more frequently than the Sales and Activity Report, so it is common for a discrepancy to exist between the amount of sales shown in these reports.

This is what a sample Media Optimization Report looks like:

Click on the image for a larger version.


You can customize the report in many ways by adding or removing columns for various data fields.

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