Offer Report


The Offer Report is one of the standard reports you can run in the Reporting Interface. View the instructions for accessing the report.

Report Summary

The Offer Report allows you to compare and analyze the success of the different types of programs among your advertiser partners. You can view impressions, click-throughs, sales, commissions, and more for each offer.

This is what a sample Offer Report looks like:

Click on the image for a larger version.


You can customize the report in many ways by adding or removing columns for various data fields.

Key Data

This report groups transactions by commissionable offer number, so orders are based on the number of unique Order IDs commissionable within each offer number.

If you have a selected goods, SKU-based offer, the order may include products that are commissioned differently. For example, one product in the order may be commissioned under offer 2.1, while another product is commissioned under offer 3.1.

In this case, one order will appear under 2.1 and one order will appear under 3.1. When this happens, the total number of orders appearing in the Offer Report may not match the total number of orders appearing in other reports due to double-counting.

Learn more about the capabilities available in the Reporting Interface.

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